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Areas of business
Guidance, consulting and assessments regarding administrative and legal issues covering tax, labour, civil, environmental and consumer areas as well as intermediation and collaboration in the clarification of doubts and problems in public authority relations, including public bids. 
Effective performance in consulting and lawsuit proposals, defence and resources related to the opening and closing of businesses, administration, corporations, negotiable securities, bankruptcy, goodwill, employees, tax, environmental causes, among others.
Preparation of all types of contracts and prior research for safety in transactions at registry offices, credit protection services, Serasa and public agencies in general; intermediation and full advisory in the most varied business deals, lawsuit proposals, defence and following of civil cases regarding collection, executions, enforcement actions, demands regarding breach of contracts, claims for damages, transaction cancellation requests, upholding of protests, traffic accidents, legal separations, divorces, common-law marriage, child custody, alimony and all subjects included in the civil area. Legal defence regarding environmental crimes and
infringements, intermediation at Cetesb, advice in damage recovery plans caused by pollutant sources and suit filing of all cases related to all environmental issues including those related to assuring the plenitude of administrative defence.
Guidance and assessments regarding tax planning in accordance with each area of business; preparation and following of requests for the recognition of tax exemptions and immunities; preparation of defence with tax theories for taxpayer benefits and work in all instances of legal processes including writ of mandamus, tax repayment suits for the refund of unduly paid taxes, declaratory actions with the possibility of inclusion of preliminary injunctions for the immediate suspension of payments or other urgent requests and special work on tax claims for which, in addition to opposition by objection and ruling requests, we offer adjudication services, that is, the payment of tax debits by means of the transfer of property to public authorities.
Guidance and advisory for employees regarding admission and dismissal, payments and  general employee administration, service provider and trainee administration and work on labour suits at all instances involving dues and compensations.
Consumer claims, filing and following of suits involving purchases, sales and consumer services, review of contracts, including bank contracts, credit restrictions, responsibilities and compensations.
Guidance, consultancy and drawing of opinions regarding administrative and legal issues in sports, notification proposals, legal action and defence in disciplinary infringements as well as representation and following at sports law bodies.
Guidance, consultancy and drawing of opinions regarding administrative and legal issues in aeronautics, clarification regarding Brazilian Aeronautical Code and Consumer Defence Code and work in law suits involving air transport contracts, delays, sponsibility for loss, damage to luggage and accidents, among others.
Work in administrative litigations and disputes in direct and indirect public administration (agencies and foundations), claim of rights granted by legislation, bids (competition, submission of prices, invitation), civil servants, expropriations, law suit and writ of mandamus following, public and civil action, among others.
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